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Possessing platform technologies for new modified drugs

  • Depot, Long Acting Injection
    • Luphere Depot Injection is specially designed for sustained release over a longer duration compared to normal formulations, and helps obtain better clinical results by administering to patients with poor drug compliance.
    Possessed Technologies
    • Microsphere spray-dry technology
    • Microsphere emulsion technology
    • Nano/micro suspension technology
    • Gel-core microsphere technology
    • Injection container, Dual Chamber Syringe (DCS) development
    Distinguishing Point
    • Spray-dry type possessing microsphere manufacturing patent
    • Possession of equipment and platform technologies for research and production
    • Development of an exclusive injection container (DCS) for increased convenience and possession of automatic charging equipment
  • NUFS™(Nanoparticulation Using Fat and Supercritical fluid) Technology
    Nano Dispersion in Solid Lipid
    Active Ingredient+Solid Lipid+Excipient=Nano Dispersion in Solid Lipid
    Lipid Removal with SCF
    Super Critical Fluid(CO2) Elimination of Solid Lipid * Original technology of BioSynetics
    • Technology for turning solid active materials into nanoparticles using carbon dioxide
    • By adjusting the particle size of a drug in nanometers (1/10billion m), it can be used to make non- soluble (where substances do not melt in solvents) be available for drugs.
    • This technology improves stability by overcoming stability issues such as aggregation and recrystallization of normal solubilization technologies
    • Production process is simplified and made through minimization of polymer use. (self-production possible)
    Technological Effects
    • Improves bioavailability, changes method, dose and formulation, reduces before-and after meal deviations, reduces toxicity
  • Mini-Tablet Technology
    • This technology enables fabricating two or more different types of medicine or drugs with a quick effect and a lasting effect combined in a single capsule.
    • Different types of small-sized tablets can be charged in a single capsule simultaneously.
    • Different drugs can be configured each with its ideal release pattern.
    • Drugs are placed in a capsule, avoiding physical contact, and therefore maximizing stability.
  • Multi-Filling Technology
    • The release pattern of complex drugs can be adjusted by filling various drug formulations such as pellet, tablets and liquids in a single capsule.
    • Ideal combination drug development is made possible while also procuring stability.