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Possessing platform technologies for Stem Cell Platform

Stem Cell Platform (DW-MSC)
  • In the face of population ageing, there has been a rise in the number of organ dysfunctions (wherein the body’s organs stop working or become frail) as well as neurodegenerative diseases. Since such phenomena cannot be treated by drugs alone, it is necessary to develop new treatments to restore normal tissue function.
  • DW-MSC’s competitiveness and potential lies in its ability and capacity to be applied to various technologies and commercialize stem cells. Our goal is to develop stem cell therapeutics that is recognized globally through smart stem cell technology integration with maximized efficacy based on cell and gene technologies.
Points of Differentiation
High Consistency
Single donor cell-derived therapeutics with uniform characteristics
Continuous production of consistent quality cell therapy products with cGMP-grade cell bank
Mass Production Technology
2D & 3D platform cell culture technologies
Homogeneous cell characteristics maintained for up to 20 subcultures(cell passaging)
Cell & Gene Therapeutics
Stem cell cultivation technology that is completely feeder-free, serum-free, and animal component-free
Enhanced efficacy via priming(stem cell pre-processing) and genetic modification
Open Collaboration
Joint development of therapy for intractable and rare as well as degenerative diseases
Flexible and versatile business model