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 CEO Message

The global total healthcare group improving the quality of life

Daewoong Pharmaceutical President,
Lee Jong-wook


Welcome to the website of Daewoong Pharmaceutical.

Having chosen for its managerial guidelines for 2017 improving customer value, acquiring global competitiveness, R&D innovation through open collaboration, and employees’ growth through learning and communication, the company continues with investment and other efforts. With a view to achieving its vision of ‘Global 2020’, Daewoong Pharmaceutical will develop new drugs and expand its strategic footholds in the global market through continued investment in R&D. By creating an export network with 100 countries of the world, the company will make the top 10 players in different countries where it operates, starting with China, and Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. Through such shared growth at home and abroad, Daewoong will soar as a global company both in name and reality.

Taking its research centers as its ‘bio mecca’, the company is using it as a bridgehead in advancing into the ASEAN markets.

Nabota, which was released in South Korea in 2014, has gotten into high gear in global advancement while targeting 1 trillion won sales in 60 or so countries, and with a USFDA approval coming in 2018, its sales in Europe and North America would make a new growth engine for Daewoong Pharmaceutical.

As ‘a global healthcare that leads that improves the quality of life’, Daewoong Group will grow into a global company that is more endeared and trusted by customers and the general public.