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 CEO Message

The global total healthcare group improving the quality of life

Daewoong Pharmaceutical President,
Lee Jong-wook


Welcome to the website of Daewoong Pharmaceutical.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical has been fully dedicated to producing excellent medicine to promote health of the public and build a healthy society based on ”Medical Patriotism”.

In addition, we tread the right path based on fairness and transparency with adherence to the core value of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, such as the justice, impartiality, co-existence, open-mindedness, and initiative-taking.

In 2015, we will transform ourselves into a global pharmaceutical company by relentlessly pushing forward the R&D and new drug development and expanding strategic base in global market to spur the export based on the 4 major business management policy envisioned to take giant step forward to turn ourselves into an undisputed global pharmaceutical leader, increase the customer value, and create pleasant working environment, and expand capabilities through learning, communication, and commitment.

Particularly, we successfully laid the foundation of global pharmaceutical company with the successful roll-out of NABOTA and OLOSTAR in the international market through vigorous investment in R&D, including the establishment of Liaoning Research Institute in China, last year.

In 2015, Daewoong Pharmaceutical will aggressively proceed with the export of its mainstay products, such as Urusa and NABOTA, etc., by fully leveraging its Reverse Innovation strategy and open R&D(Connect & Development) in a bid to thrust itself into a leading position in global pharmaceutical sector. In addition, Daewoong Pharmaceutical will sharpen its manufacturing competitiveness with the production system conforming to CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice)

Specifically, we will increase customer value based on differentiated consulting business and strict observance of CP(Compliance Program) regulations and strengthen our capabilities through communication, learning, and commitment in our endeavor to make the company the most sought-after and pleasant workplace, and constantly develop the corporate culture that promotes fairness, transparency, and cheerfulness.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical will make endeavor with enthusiasm to the best of its ability with an aim to evolve into a global healthcare group dedicated to improving the quality of life and a global pharmaceutical company which is fully supported and trusted by the public.

Thank you.