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 Major Research Achievements

  • Nabota
  • Olostar
  • Daewoong EGF
  • Luphere
  • Ursa
  • Albis
  • Moxicle


Ursa pic


The drug takes as its main ingredient UDCA, one of the components of bile which is known to be effective in dissolving gallstone and improving liver enzymes of a chronic liver disease patient. Daewoong succeeded in developing the drug on its own in 1974.

  • 99% high purity refining technology
  • Selective oxidation-reduction reaction technology that uses metal reagent
  • Manufacturing technology based on various botanical sources
  • • For improving the function of the liver that suffers from chronic liver disease
  • • Cholelithiasis
  • • For improving the function of the liver that suffers from primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC)
  • • For improving the function of the liver for a patient of chronic hepatitis C
  • • For supportive care for such diseases as liver diseases from dysfunctional biliary secretion and biliary tract diseases
  • • For aftermaths of enterectomy and dyspepsia caused by inflammatory enteric diseases
  • • For preventing cholelithiasis with obesity patients who have suffered drastic weight loss
  • • 2013. Ursa cited as the nutritional supplement most preferred by CEOs of big corporations for two straight years.
  • • 2012. Selected among World Class 300, a project for nurturing global companies.
  • • 2011. Certified as GH (Goods of Health) by Ministry of Health & Welfare.
  • • 2010. Ursa selected as a world-class product 2010.
  • Combination Ursa Soft Capsule
  • Ursa Soft Capsule 50㎎
  • Alpha Ursa
  • Ursa Tablet 100㎎
  • Ursa Tablet 200㎎
  • Ursa Tablet 300㎎