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 Major Research Achievements

  • Nabota
  • Olostar
  • Daewoong EGF
  • Luphere
  • Ursa
  • Albis
  • Moxicle

Daewoong EGF

Daewoong EGF pic


It is a drug that biotechnology has created out of EGF, a wound healing substance that is available in the human body. When administered to wounds, the drug helps growth of new flesh.


The company produced EGF which has the same structure and activity as the EGF which exists in the human body, using the technology for protein secretion and manifestation. The EGF technology is patented in the US, Europe, and Japan, and the components of the liquid EGF for external use are patented in 16 countries including the US, Europe, Japan, Canada, China, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia.)

[Registered patents: US6491904, EP1061942, JP3624158, CA2321829 etc.]

  • • Liquid EGF for external use: for diabetic foot ulcer
  • • EGF ointment for New Flesh: supportive, topical treatment for wounds, skin ulcer
  • • 2008. EGF was the world’s first ordinary name as certified by WHO
  • • 2001. EGF obtains KT (new technology certification mark), and EGF manufacturing technology registered as a European patent
  • • 1997. Patented EGF technology honored with Chungmugong Award, and EGF manufacturing technology patented in the US and Japan
  • Liquid EGF for external use
  • EGF for New Flesh