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China Research Center

Created in August 2008, China Research Center is actively working to support Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s products’ advancement into the Chinese market and develop new drugs and new pharmaceutical technology. So far, the Center has operated in discovering new botanical drug candidates from among an abundance of botanical resources in China and actively engages in technological exchange by establishing a network with major research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in China.  

Lianong Daewoong Research Center

Created in October 2014, Liaoning Daewoong Research Center researches new oral solutions that are suited to the needs of the Chinese market and new preparations and formulation. Also, as the base for Daewoong’s open collaboration in the “three eastern provinces”, the Center develops the regional industries, train talented individuals, and get world-class technology and products into the local market.

India Research Center

Created in January 2009, India Research Center taps into the excellent local research workforce and experience in developing products that can advance into the advanced pharmaceutical markets in the US and Europe. The Center researches antibiotics, incrementally modified drugs such as sustained-release drugs tailored to diseases like antipsychotics, formulation change for facilitating the dosage etc., and is developing first-time generics of new blockbuster drugs based on its research on foundation technology.

Daewoong America Inc.

Starting in 2006, Daewoong Pharmaceutical has continued its exchange with various local research groups with a view to its advancement into the US, and created its US branch in Maryland in December 2009. Daewoong will attack the US market with generics like Ursa and the orally administered versions of incrementally modified drugs. On this basis, the company will lead the globalization of R&D through continuous C&D activities, introducing pharmaceutical technology, and exporting new drugs and technology.