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 High Quality Assurance

Through our quality commitment and our expertise in compliance, world��s top lass quality is guaranteed.

In order to produce high-quality products,

1. Manages cGMP level facilities through advanced automated system such as MES, QMS and EMS.
2. Ensures Closed System in order to minimize cross contamination.
3. Achieved high efficiency through the VTS(Vertical Transfer System).
4. Runs 24hr monitoring IT system based on IOT to achieve our innovative manufacturing model.

SANOFI, NOVARTIS, Abbott, Sumitomo Dainippin Pharma, Recipharm, Eisai, MERCK Manufacturing Environment Quality Management - Domestic top for drug porductivity per a factory - Compliance With cGMP Standars - Automated Warehouse with climate control all around the year - Scientific and systematic Quality validation - LIMS(Laboratory Information Management System) : Quality analyasis system by process SCM(Supply Chain Management) One stop management from rwa material to distribution External Supply Chain Internal Supply Chain Supplier SRM APS LIMS AWMS CRM Customer SRM: Supplier Relationship Management APS: Supplier Relationship Management LIMS: Laboratory Information Management System AWMS: Automation Warehouse Management System CRM: Customer Relationship Management