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MEDICLORE®, Thermo-sensitive Anti-Adhesion Barrier
  • » Product Name

    MEDICLORE®, Thermo-sensitive Anti-Adhesion Barrier

  • » Company Name

    Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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[ Characteristics ]

1) Korea’s No. 1 selling anti-adhesion barrier
2) The newest generation (4th) adhesion barrier
(Film→Solution type → Gel type →‘SOL-GEL’type)
-Usability: Thermo-sensitive transition
-Efficacy: Effective Anti-adhesion after application (within 3~7 days)
-Safety: 100% Excretion from body after application within 21 days
3) Advanced mucous membrane adhesiveness
4) Wide range of indication (MIS compatible)

[ Active Ingredients ]

*’Gelatin-free’ Mediclore is under development for the halal market.

[ Indications & Usage ]

- Against post-op adhesion formation (to adjacent tissue/organ)
- Add lubricity to areas in need

[ Package ]

- 1.5ml in a syringe
- 3.0ml in a syringe
- 5.0ml in a syringe