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Curasys® & Curavac®, NPWT
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    Curasys® & Curavac®, NPWT

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    Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Characteristics ]

Curasys / CuraVAC is an innovative Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system which fastens wound healing process by promoting granulation tissue formation.

 - Curasys (NPWT pump)

 Compact,light and easy to use NPWT which reduces patient’s pain, facilitates fast wound healing

 ①Cyclic mode- World one and only treatment option

 ②Antimicrobial canister

 - Curavac (NPWT dressing kit)

 Provides moisture environment to promote fast wound healing
pressure helps eliminating exudates, promoting cell proliferation and  increasing blood circulation

 ①Optimal pore size (400-600um) for granulation tissue formation

 ②Hydrophobic open cell structure for draining exudates

 ③Various dressing kits

 ④Wide drape size (35cm X 35cm)

[ Indications & Usage ]

- Pressure Ulcer ∙Diabetic Foot Ulcer ∙Graft procedure ∙Open fracture wounds
thickness burns ∙Flap procedure ∙Soft tissue traumatic wounds

[ Package ]

- Curavac (dressing kit)

∙10 x 7.5 (cm, Small)

∙16 x 12.5 (cm, Medium)

∙26 x 15 (cm, Large)