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Bonegener®, Fiber type DBM
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    Bonegener®, Fiber type DBM

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    Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Characteristics ]

Bongener is a Demineralized Bone Matrix(DBM) consisting properties of effective Osteoinduction and Osteoconduction.
As nation’s first fiber type DBM,
Bongener conveys more effective physical property and higher BMP content per unit than traditional particle type DBM. Also, its reverse phase medium(RPM) content improves adhesion and mold-ability.

[ Active Ingredients ]

Demineralized Bone Matrix + Poloxamer carrier

[ Indications & Usage ]

- Cage filler for cervical and lumbar fusion

- Augmenting intraoral/maxillofacial osseous defects

- Mixable graft extender with auto/allo/synthetic grafts

[ Package ]

- 0.25cc in a syringe

- 0.5cc in a syringe

- 1.00cc in a syringe

- 2.50cc in a syringe  

- 5.00cc in a syringe