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[Active Ingredients]
Each prefilled syringe (0.5mL) contains Recombinant human erythropoietin 1,000 ~ 10,000 IU

[Indications & Usage]
Anemia of chronic renal failure patients
1) Secondary anemia
2) Anemia required blood transfusion

[Dosage & Administration]
* initial dose: 50units/kg for 1-2 minutes three times a week IV or SC
The dose can be increased, if necessary, by 25 units/kg in 4-week period. If hemoglobin is increased more
than 2 g/dl at a dose of 50 units/kg, the frequency should be reduced to two times a week.
* To correct the anemia, the target concentration of hemoglobin is 10 g/ dl (30% as hematocrit). When the
anemia is corrected, Eposis is given as a maintenance dose of 25 - 50 units/kg two or three times a week

6 Syringes/Box