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Newdizime Inj
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    Newdizime Inj

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[Active Ingredients]
Cefodizime------------------- 0.5g, 1g

[Indications & Usage]
Septicemia, laryngopharyngitis, acute bronchitis, tonsillitis (peritonsillitis, peritonsillar abscess), chronic bronchitis,
bronchiectasis (when infected), the second infection of chronic repiratory diseases, pneumonia, suppurative diseases of the lung, nephropyelitis, cystitis, gonorrheal urethritis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatophyma,peritonitis (pelviperitonitis, Douglas cul-de-sac abscess), adnexitis, intrauterine infection, , parametritis, bartholinitis (abscess), meningitis, otitis media, sinusitis

10 Vial/Box